Managing Director & Founder

Daniel is not only a proud father of an 8 years old son and dog owner of Emmi, but a networker and storyteller at heart. With his background within the hospitality industry having held multiple Director positions with tech companies servicing hotels in 2013 he decided to found his agency opensmjle. out of Cologne, Germany, with a focus on storytelling and digital services for the hospitality industry. The agency does not only help hospitality brands to find their real story, but provide digital outsourcing services, website services, video production services and in the meantime basically anything you would expect from a 360° agency. The team has grown to around 10 people with offices in Cologne and Hamburg and is surrounded by a network of roughly 30 experts in their fields for additional services such as video production, photograhy, directing, producing, design works, translations, copywriting and a lot more. In the coming weeks and months more services will be added.

A few years back Daniel founded Hospitality Industry Club as a sub-brand of opensmjle. The networking and event platform brings together 40+ of the most interesting technology players in the market with so far around 2.000 hoteliers across Europe in a relaxed yet inspiring atmosphere – networking, events, bar camps, webinars & now its own conference series. If you ask Daniel and his team this has only been the beginning of the Hospitality Industry Club, as the brand is currently re-emerging from thos edifficult pandemic times shining in a new light, new people, new partners, and a fantastic base of long-term colleagues and friends across providers and hoteliers. Stay tuned for more.